October 5, 2019 - Lake Geneva

Nine members and three guests fished Lake Geneva this past Saturday. The weather was cool and windy, and our expectations were high, but very few fish were boated. The big fish contest species for this outing was muskie, and a lot of effort went into targeting them. We tried the baits and locations recommended by guide Jon Winsor at our last meeting, but no one even got a follow from a muskie. Backup species for the big fish contest was northern pike, and two of those were caught. Jeff Haug caught a 20” pike on a live sucker, and Lou DiNicola caught a 28.5-incher on a jig and jerk minnow. Congratulations Lou.

In total, 5 largemouth bass, 1 northern pike, 3 pumpkinseeds, 1 rock bass, and 1 perch were caught for 3 points. That makes this our lowest-scoring outing since last winter! Geneva is a good lake, and we are obviously great fishermen, so we’ll blame it on the cold front moving through. There was a bass tournament going on and we didn’t see them boating many fish, either.

Our next outing is November 2nd and 3rd at Lake Wisconsin. Let’s hope the fish will be biting then!